Although North America is not quite familiar with the wonders of the bidet toilet, it is gaining mainstream popularity in most civilized nations across the world. There are many reasons why the bidet toilet is an essential bathroom technology. Frankly, its state-of-the-art mechanisms make the traditional toilet system pale in comparison. Not only will you derive a more pleasurable experience on the toilet, but you also get to enjoy environmental and financial benefits as well.

The standard bidet is basically a regular toilet with an additional faucet built within the bowl. Once activated, the faucet launches a soothing stream of warm water that cleans your lower portion after doing the business. The intention is to clean everything so well with water that the traditional gesture of wiping is no longer necessitated. This obviously saves the user money on buying toilet paper, as well as reduce the environmental waste of producing and disposing the toilet paper in the first place. Our website provides info about  loo seat warmer

Most North Americans are curious as to how the bidet works, especially when they are visiting a foreign civilized country. One common inquiry is whether this is a hygienic way of cleaning your backside. Studies have shown that cleaning with water is much more effective than cleaning with toilet paper alone. Although the concept may seem bizarre to new users, they will realize the physical and emotional health benefits given some time or experience with the technology.

There is also the option to purchase a partial seat as opposed to a full bidet, especially since the plumbing installation is somewhat complex. This seat offers the convenience of the traditional toilet, but comes along with additional features like seat warmth and hygienic washing of the innovative bidet. It is important, however, to get the specific measurements for the seat, or it will not fit your toilet otherwise. One downside of this new toilet is its costs. Since this is a relatively new technology, especially in North America, manufacturers have been charging the product at high prices to make maximum profits. However, as the competition and consumer market for bidets expand, expect to see a drop in prices and a rise in even better quality in the near future.